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Welcome to the Ontario Emperor's Virtual Domain.

Ontario Emperor

Oppose Traffic Calming in Ontario California

I am the Ontario Emperor, of Ontario, California (a city east of Los Angeles). Any hosers who think I am from Canada should just take off!

My imperial duties include production of computer-generated instrumental music, as well as composition of special poems for the benefit of my subjects. For more information about me and my work, please see the biography and discography at this site.

My music CDs used to be produced and sold by MP3.COM. Perhaps later I'll have more stuff for you to buy.

If you are impoverished, you can also check out my free music. Although my music has no lyrics, the thoughts behind many of my songs are presented on my poetry page.

I support several virtual communities dedicated to independent music (including my own), other artistic endeavors, geographical awareness, and other items that affect the Empire.

The Crooked Door Award


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