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This biography is available on the World Wide Web at https://ontarioemperor.tripod.com/bio.html.

The Inland Empire needs an emperor. The "Inland Emperors" are a band signed to a Seattle label. Hence, I am the Ontario Emperor. This is my virtual domain.

Most people have heard of me via an article in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin on September 13, 1998, or via my 1999 phone call to Poorman's "Anti-Radio" show (R.I.P.), or via the Yahoo! poker tables. However, I've done a number of other things:

MP3s and CDs
Before mp3.com ceased operations in December 2003, I had released several compact discs' worth of synthetic instrumentals, including several songs which have appeared near the top of MP3.COM's charts.

(at https://ontarioemperor.tripod.com/music.html)
Although I don't post many MIDIs any more, I have posted a number of MIDIs to the web since the fall of 1998. (Actually, I was posting MIDIs under another name between 1996 and 1998, but I've removed all those MIDIs from their various websites.)

(at https://ontarioemperor.tripod.com/poetry.html)
Some of my poems are short. Others are shorter. Many of them concern cows, digital judges, and other world-shaking topics.

Other Stuff
If you explore the rest of my virtual domain at https://ontarioemperor.tripod.com/), you'll find links to some of my other on-line activities.

Currently, my primary interest is in the production of new CDs. So buy all my old CDs so I can retire. Thank you.


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