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Euclid and C | Euclid and Holt | Euclid and Mission

Euclid and C
August 22, 1999

Learn, baby, learn
How the banking world works
And count your seven seas
But always say please


Euclid and Holt
July 7, 1999

I was lying on the sofa, reading as usual
The story of the mule that carried the car up the hill
And rode the car back down
(And, of course, the aftermath)

But my favorite was another tale
About the train passengers arriving at Ontario
Seeing the spring and its flowing water
(Turned off as soon as the train left the station)


Euclid and Mission
July 7, 1999

Soon, fly, soon
You're gonna hit the big lights
You're gonna speak the lingo
U.S. 60 takes you east
And the day will surely come
That you'll spend a lovely day
Watching all the trains go by

But the trainsman made a miscalculation
And the killer laugh of Fairfax
Thudded dumbly in the median
As the workers built two freeways
Just to bypass everything

You're gonna hit the small stage
You're gonna rap to homeboys
As the old road fades away
And the day will never come...


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